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Gradale Featured On The CBC: Nature's Benefits 

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In a recent CBC article written by award-winning journalist and producer Marcy Cuttler, Gradale's Director Michelle Gradish spoke about the positive impacts of outdoor education. The report speaks at length about recent studies by Ryerson University and the University of Michigan on stress-relief in natural settings. It states; 

"But researchers believe nature offers more than just its beauty; it offers serious academic and mental-health benefits.

A recent review of hundreds of studies has found mounting "evidence of a cause-and-effect relationship": Experiences in nature led to improvements in attention span, self-discipline and physical fitness, all while reducing stress.

Researchers also found that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who take a 20-minute walk in a park can improve their symptoms as effectively as if they took a dose of prescription stimulant medication.

Dr. Melissa Lem is a family physician in Vancouver. She believes in the power of greenery.

"There are two different major theories as to why nature is good for your brain, and one of them is called Stress Reduction Theory. Essentially, it speaks to how humans evolved in nature," she said.

Because we humans have been surrounded by forests, flowers, and fauna for most of our existence, scientists believe there may be an evolutionary reason that nature feels to us like a comfortable, familiar place."

Read The Full Article Below or at CBC.ca/health, 



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