Gradale Featured on The National 

CBC The National feature students from Gradale Academy as well as Principle Michelle Gradish. Check out the clip below, which aired on May 13, 2019. 



Gradale Featured On The CBC: Nature's Benefits 

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In a recent CBC article written by award-winning journalist and producer Marcy Cuttler, Gradale's Director Michelle Gradish spoke about the positive impacts of outdoor education. The report speaks at length about recent studies by Ryerson University and the University of Michigan on stress-relief in natural settings. It states; 

"But researchers believe nature offers more than just its beauty; it offers serious academic and mental-health benefits.

A recent review of hundreds of studies has found mounting "evidence of a cause-and-effect relationship": Experiences in nature led to improvements in attention span, self-discipline and physical fitness, all while reducing stress.

Researchers also found that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who take a 20-minute walk in a park can improve their symptoms as effectively as if they took a dose of prescription stimulant medication.

Dr. Melissa Lem is a family physician in Vancouver. She believes in the power of greenery.

"There are two different major theories as to why nature is good for your brain, and one of them is called Stress Reduction Theory. Essentially, it speaks to how humans evolved in nature," she said.

Because we humans have been surrounded by forests, flowers, and fauna for most of our existence, scientists believe there may be an evolutionary reason that nature feels to us like a comfortable, familiar place."

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Gradale Welcomes Students From The Netherlands

Gradale Welcomes Students From Windesheim Flevoland

On Wednesday, May 8th Gradale was honoured to receive a visit from students of the University Windesheim Flevoland, who have travelled from the Netherlands. In Canada to do research on nature-based learning techniques and the importance of the outdoors in education systems, they spent the day interacting with students and talking with teachers and staff, including Gradale Founder Michelle Gradish. 

We were also glad to host Mr. Hein Flore, Economic and Trade Delegate from the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

Information and pictures can be found below; 


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Now Offering Daily Programs every Friday!

Now offering daily programs every Friday 
First term runs from September 13th to December 13th 2019
Second term runs January 10th to March 6th 2019
Third term runs March 27th to June 12th 2019

Each session costs $1200

It is an outdoor day at school. Activities will run according to the Season. Hiking, exploring, skating, sledding and biking will be part of this dynamic and adventurous day. Learning about different habitats, trees, plants, nature, animals on site  and how to respect our environment 
Please call 416 917-9409 or email to find out how to register



Summer Camp - July 2nd through to July 12th 2019!

Gradale Summer camp  - Located at Evergreen Brickworks -Availability from July 2nd to July 12th

The Camper's day will be as follows:
Monday to Thursday 
9:00 am - Arrival at Brick Works
9:30 am - Outdoor hike on-site
10:30 am - Snack 
10:45 am - Off site adventure (walking distance or use of on-site shuttle bus) 
Lunch Break
2:00 pm  - Back to the Brick Works site snack and water break 
2:30 to 3:30 pm  - End of day games and crafts 
3:30 pm - Dismissal 

Onsite all day with the exception of Lunch time at Pizza Pizza 
The campers will revisit their favourite spot that they had discovered through the week!