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    1. What type of school is Gradale?

    A. Gradale Academy is an established Toronto private school that has been operating in Rosedale for ten years. Gradale offers students an academically enriched program with smaller class sizes. Gradale’s philosophy is simple, “produce confidence within each student and this will result in success”.

    2. What makes Gradale different from other private schools?

    A. At Gradale Academy we believe that children have an educational advantage if they are closer to nature. Our location at the Evergreen Brick Works with access to its forest like setting, sets us apart from any other school in the GTA. The Brick Works environment offers unique outdoor learning opportunities and will foster an appreciation for nature.

    Note: Research has proven that learning in an environment surrounded by nature can increase:

    1) an appreciation for the environment
    2) result in better grades

    3. What is Evergreen Brick Works?

    A. The Brickworks is a year-round destination unique for learning, collaboration, fun and celebration of the themes of nature, culture and community. It is located just off of the Bayview extension at the west side of Rosedale.

    4. The Brickworks is surrounded by a ravine, is that safe?

    A. The Moore Park/Chorley Park ravine is heavily used by the local community in all four seasons. The constant foot traffic and close proximity to Rosedale and the infrastructure at Evergreen Brick Works makes it a safe place.

    Furthermore, students will always be accompanied by a teacher as they travel between locations.

    5. If students are going to be in the ravine and at Evergreen Brick Works, where are they going to be participating in traditional sports like soccer and football?

    A. Gradale is going to be offering children learning and physical education opportunities that are not available at other schools. Although the fundamentals of traditional sports may be learned, Gradale will also be offering non-traditional phys ed outings such as hiking, snowshoeing, orienteering and cross-country skiing.

    6. My child has allergies and I don't want him in the woods – can you accommodate this?

    A. Gradale Academy will not be for everyone. We are looking for unique families that espouse the value of a superior education combined with an appreciation for nature. Gradale’s focus on experiential learning will be a great benefit to a child ready to embrace all of the opportunities the school will provide.