Gradale has always instilled an appreciation for nature – Evergreen Brick Works location provides this opportunity. Located walking distance of the founding Gradale location, The Brick Works location classes are Kindergarten up to and including Grade 8.

Gradale is like no other school, enabling our students a unique outdoor learning experience. We foster a sense of environmental stewardship in an academically enriched program with smaller classes.

Evergreen Brick Works is a year-round destination unique for learning, collaboration, fun and celebration of the themes of nature, culture and community. It is located just off of the Bayview extension at the west side of Rosedale.

With the use of Evergreen space our students are given opportunities to explore, research and be part of the outdoors daily.

Back to the “Grass Roots” is what we like to call it. We encourage in all our students the importance of outdoor education and the importance getting in touch with our community and environment that surrounds us daily.


 It is well documented and proven that all children learn better when they are given more communication with the outdoors. A little more than a third of our day is spent outdoors.  Our education program supports strong academic time with a balance of outdoor creative learning.

We also continue to give our students individual attention when needed allowing them to work at their own level. This program is also enhanced by a variety of activities in; music, art, language and indoor physical activity all taught by Specialty Teaching staff.