Welcome to Gradale Academy, please review the following information to help better understand our philosophy, method of teaching and parent policies.

All students are taught in a warm and nurturing way so all students will progress.


Each student will have one on one teaching time daily; this will ensure that all of our students are moving forward in a relaxed and comfortable manner. This gentle way of teaching gets results but in a non-stressed setting. The students are happy and content with their work and often desire more.



A challenging and balanced curriculum.

Gradale Academy’s excellent curriculum is enhanced with a variety of other programs in Art, Music, French and Physical Education. Our students are challenged academically in the morning and their afternoons focus on the extracurricular programs. This allows our students to put their emphasis and concentration into one area at a time, thus giving full attention to each and every part of the program. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

Art/Drama – classes offered by qualified arts teacher 

Phys Education
– ski trips, on site - skating, hiking, biking, and sport games.
Music & Movement
– piano and singing lessons are available. 

Intimate classes to give quality and attention to all students at Gradale Academy.

A lower student/teacher ratio allows all students to achieve the goals set out in our curriculum. In turn this gives a strong sense of self-worth and helps develop our students in to confident and motivated individuals. If a child feels good about him/herself, they will attempt more and learn more with an open and curious mind.

Evergreen Brick Works Location

Gradale has always instilled an appreciation for nature, since 2010 our Evergreen Brick Works location has enhanced that belief. Located walking distance of the founding Gradale location at Rosedale United Church, classes at the Brick Works are now offered up to Grade 8.