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Gradale in the Media

Nature provides classroom at expanding private school

Evergreen Brick Works site of new Gradale Academy campus in September.

By Alina Smirnova
August 3, 2010

A lily-dotted pond so clear that dozens of fish can be easily seen swimming about. Trees that betray nothing of a nearby highway.

Doesn’t sound like your average classroom, but that’s exactly what the Don Valley will become this September...

Why he isn't starting School this fall

Michelle Gradish is quoted by GlobeLife on August 23, 2010

With studies showing the highest ADHD diagnosis rates for the youngest pupils in a class, many parents of children born later in the year are faced with a tough decision.

Summer Fun

Michelle Gradish talks to 680 News about great ways to keep your kids occupied over the summer.


Reader Comments (2)

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