Gradale Academy Founder Featured in Toronto Life


Gradale Academy featured on CTV National News Segment

Canadian kids get nearly failing grade for physical activity.  Gradale featured .55 seconds into segment.


Gradale Academy Featured on CBC News Segment

Participaction's prescription for healthy play: get the kids outside. Gradale kids appear at 1.33mins into the segment.


Evergreen Brick Works Tenant Spotlight:Gradale Academy

Do you know what a Wooly Bear Caterpillar looks like? Could you identify a tickle tree (also known as the white pine)? These are everyday discoveries for students at Gradale Academy. Gradale’s placed-based learning helps students make daily connections to  our environment. Last year, not a single day went by where we did not go outside! It’s like a field trip every day with hands-on experiences that promote resiliency, problem solving, healthy habits, fewer sick daysand improved concentration. In a society that is so risk adverse, our students are able to experience graduated risk, which is key in their self-confidence and overall ability to grow and learn. Gradale students are respectful—not fearful—of nature. For registration and more info on Gradale, email Appointments are available January to the end of March on Wednesdays. 


Gradale Brick Works class on CityTV News